Animal Weight Measure Tape

Animal weight measuring tapes are special and professional tapes that can be used to measure and calculate the live weight of different species of pigs, cattle or horses. And they are useful and popular for various livestock supply companies which breed cattle, cow, sheep, goats, hogs, pigs, pony or horses. Wintape measuring wheel suppliers is the first factory in China which produces the animal weight measuring tapes including the cattle and pig weight measuring tape, horse and pony weight measuring tape and fish measuring tape etc.

Cattle and pig weight measuring tape is a useful measurement tool to estimate the weight of cattle and pig accurately. Wintape measuring tools manufacturers have the cattle weighing tape with case or without case for you to choose. Cattle and pig weight measuring tape printed meter on one side, kg on back side in English and French or in French, German. You can refer to the animal perimeter and the corresponding weight, so as to know the animal's body weight. We also have 2.5m cow weight tape which could be used to measure the the girth(cm), and the weight of European Miking Breeds.

There are several designs for the horse weighing tape. High quality horse and pony weight measuring tape is used for measuring the length and the weight of the horse and pony. With the formula and instruction on the tape, it is easy to know the data as you want. Horse weight measuring tape is made by PVC coated fiberglass which is thick and durable by long time use.

Fish ruler is made from synthetic fabric, which is waterproof and washable and reused. Wintape measuring tape supplier can print the fish ruler according to your design with low minimum order quantity. CMYK printing is acceptable.  

Fish tape measure can be used to measure fishes' length. The fish ruler is perfect gear gift and useful tool for any boater or fisherman. 


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