How the customized fabric measuring tape come out by Wintape ODM service?


Our customer from Malaysia sent the inquiry to us, she wanted us to produce the custom measuring tape for bra measurement and panties measurement.

At first, our customer didn’t have the design for the measuring tape,she asked us the suggestion.

We helped our customer to come out the idea of the design and drew the design based on our customer’s overview and refer photos. Because the design for customer’ s measuring tape is with many colors, we recommended to use suitable material fabric polyester which could do CMYK color printing. 

After several times revising for the design and one time sample production, we successfully got the final revised the design as our customer want. At last, our customer placed the bulk order 1200 pcs measuring tapes from us. Our customer used these measuring tape to promote their company. Also, people could easily got their cup size, band size, junior vest size and panties size, women panties size by using this custom measuring tape. 


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