Diameter Tape Measure

A diameter tape measure is a measuring tape used to estimate the diameter of a cylinder object, typically the stem of a tree or pipe. A diameter tape has either metric or imperial measurements reduced by the value of π. This means the tape measures the diameter of the object. It is assumed that the cylinder object is a perfect circle. The diameter tape provides an approximation of diameter.

Wintape diameter measuring tapes are easy to use. They are also called OD tapes, o.d., outside diameter, pie, or pipe tapes. Simply wrap it around the pipe, pipeline, or pole, and read off the "diameter scale" side.  To read the circumference, simply use the other side of the scale.  Pipe O D tapes are used in construction and engineering, and are less cumbersome than calipers and micrometers.   

Wintape diameter tape measure manufacturers have a variety of pipe diameter tapes for the executive and contractor.  They are handy, and fit easily in your pocket. Wintape as the first manufacturer for diameter measuring tape in China could offer you high quality pi measuring tape with competitive price. We could do fiberglass or steel diameter tape. The reading for the perimeter, accurate to 1 mm.

Available in both inch and metric. Metric and inch units on one side is designed for circumference, and metric and inch units on the other side is designed for diameter in relation to circumference. Note that the dual system measurement is a unique feature and easier to use. Also, we can put your company logo on them. Logo design of architecture pi measuring ruler is our strength.

The maximum length of our existing diameter tape measure is up to 2m. Wintape diameter tape measure manufacturers could offer OEM/ODM service, we could produce the Pi diameter tape measure upon your design for internal diameter measuring tape or outside diameter measuring tape. 


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