Paper Measuring Tape

Paper measuring tape made by bond paper, synthetic paper and Tyvek are widely used in medical field and promotional gift market.

Sturdy custom printed in single color or CMYK design on disposable paper, which is soft, one time use item, ideal for medical and maternity use, it can help patients and infants to eliminate the risks of cross-infection when assessing wounds and during other medical measurement tasks. For bond paper, it is generally 128gsm and 157gsm. Coated with film on single side or both sides are available, which makes tape measures more strong. Synthetic paper and Tyvek are high density, waterproof, tear-proof, suitable for measuring in wet environment with water or blood, so it is reusable with disinfect procedure. All material are 100% eco-friendly. Prevent reactions in patients with a latex allergy when you use these Wintape paper measuring tapes. They are made of latex free to make it easier to accommodate people with allergies in your office, so you and your staff can provide the best level of patient care.

Popular sizes are 100cm /40inch and 150cm/60inch, lengths under 160cm are available. Graduated measurements in inches and centimeters can be printed on both sides of the paper tape measure. Measure in either inches or centimeters using these two-sided measuring tapes. One side is labeled with inches, while the reverse side is measured in centimeters, so you can record the units that are most appropriate for each patient visit.Light weight, easy to take, convenient to have on hand when measuring heads for wig or hat making.

Wintape paper measuring tape provides you a healthy, sage, and sterile environment. All our medical paper measuring rulers are affordable, simple to use, perfect for pediatrician and physical therapists.Wintape paper measuring tape suppliers can make the tape measure with custom brand, custom design, advertisements to promote your business. Household products showroom, clothes brands, health care related products are usually choose paper measuring tapes as their promotional giveaways.


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