Retractable Tape Measure

When comes to longer size measurements, too long measuring tape will tangle with each other comes in mess, so a retractable tape measure will suitable for you. It is often comes in a small size shell that automatically suck in  the tape back up when you're done with it. The tape almost always has a small metal or plastic piece at the zero mark end. This is useful for holding the tape in the right place as you measure, so you may want to start by catching it on the edge of the object you're measuring. Wintape retractable tape measure often leaves a blank space between zero and tape end piece, this helps the users to hold the tape conveniently when taking measurements.

With the zero mark in place, pull back on the box to let more tape out. You can use one hand or other people to hold the end of the tape in place as you pull it back. Let tape out until it stretches all the way across the distance you're measuring.Try to keep the tape as straight as you do — if you let it sag (which is easy to do if you're measuring long distances), the results you get will be skewed.

Now, look at the point where the tape meets the end of the thing you're measuring. The nearest number below the end of the tape is your number of units you're measuring and the markings between this number and the one above it correspond to fractions of the unit.

Wintape retractable tape measures shell available in round and square shapes. Round tape measure size range in 1.5m/60inch, 1.8m/72inch, 2m/79inch and 214cm.Case color can be customized per PMS #, and customized brand or contact information can be imprinted.

Our retractable tape measures have a button on the case, when we press it, tape retract in smoothly. When unbutton it, the tape stops there.this helps us measure the sizes conveniently without re-measure. Small size, handy, cute look, with retractable cloth tape, push button locking mechanism, and both metric and standard scales, this product is sure to be used over and over again.


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