Surveyor Tape measure

Wintape fiberglass measuring tapes have met the highest standards of accuracy for quality measurement. Long fiberglass surveyors tape measure can be used to measure building and land etc. With heavy duty ABS plastic and molding shapes, the long fiberglass measuring tape is durable and with long service life.The tough blade hook of the surveyor measuring tape keeps the blade from slipping during use, ensuring your measurements are accurate. The double coated fiberglass blade is waterproof and dirt resistant.  The length of the long fiberglass tape measure we could do is 10m-121m. As for the long steel tape measure, the length could be 10-50m.

The laser distance meters are used for accurately determining the distance of an object or span without contact by way of a laser. The basic measuring principle is based on measuring the transit time of laser pulses between the laser distance meter and the object to be measured. Considering the speed of light, distances can be determined precisely with a laser distance meter. Wintape laser distance meters help you simply take measurements with one hand. Wintape laser distance measuring tape is attractive due to its ease of use and its high level of accuracy in the results recorded.

Measuring wheel also called mechanical ranging car, surveyor's wheel, or digital distance measuring wheel, is a construction measuring tool. It is widely used to measuring distance in professional surveying and mapping work, road engineering, landscape planning and design, golf course and lanes etc. Distance measuring wheels are very versatile. They can handle multiple units of measure all in a single wheel since the menu buttons will allow you to choose from multiple units of measure. The length of measurement range of Wintape measuring wheel could up to 9999.9m. Wintape measuring wheel is an ideal tool to make your measuring job easier.


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