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A tailor cannot work without a good tape measure. Using a custom tailors tape measure can be a quick, easy way to get you the information you need about your project. Knowing how to use and read a traditional ribbon-style tape measure can be a major asset to anyone working with his or her hands, so learn today and start measuring!

Generally, sewing tape measure size in 1.5m/60inch, 2m/79inch or longer 3m/120inch. to sewing clothes, 1.5m/60inch is very common used. If tailors use to measure the size of curtain or larger size stuff, a 3m/120inch ruler is helpful.

There are 2 kinds of units for tailor tape measures: imperial and metric units On a tape measure labeled with imperial units, the most prominent marks are usually the one-inch marks. These are typically marked by long, thin lines and fairly large numbers.

One inch often cut to 8 or 16 average segments.Every 12 inches, there often have a foot marking. This is usually in a different color than the other markings — often red in contrast to the normal black markings. After each foot marking, the numbers next to each inch mark will either repeat from 1-11 again or keep counting. This can vary from tape measure to tape measure.

One centimeter is cut to 10 millimeters.On most metric measuring tapes, centimeters are the most prominent markings. Centimeters are usually labeled with large lines and, next to each line, a number. As with inches, the line marks each centimeter, not the number itself.If you have a measuring tape longer than one meter (100 centimeters), usually, the meter(s) will receive a special marking as well — often in a different color than the rest of the markings. After each meter, the centimeter markings may start over again from zero or continue counting.

As steel tape measure is not close enough to your body parts when measuring body sizes for new clothes, so a flexible soft plastic or cloth tailor measuring tape is necessary. If your clothing is loose or bulky, you're not going to get accurate measurements. Pick tight clothing like leggings or just take it off, leaving just your bra and underwear on.


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