Wintape Skinfold Fitness Body Fat Caliper BFT-003

  • Item No. BFT-003
  • Item name Skinfold fitness body fat caliper with measurement chart BFT-003
  • Brand WINTAPE or customized
  • Material ABS
  • Size 16.5*12*0.6cm
  • Scale Cm and inch on one side
  • Color Whiteor black
  • Security Certificate EN-71, ROHS, 6P
  • Package 1pc/opp bag, 300pcs/carton. Carton size: 44*35*29cm
  • NW/GW: 9/10kgs
  • Payment T/T(Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union), L/C
  • Shipping By Sea, Air, Express

Product Description: 
1.Includes body fat tool, body fat measurement charts, instructions for body fat measurement and body fat tracking chart.
2.Accurate, reliable, private, and easy to use. 
3.Inexpensive, convenient, and durable. 
4.Endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.
How To Use: 


Step 1 The site you will use for skinfold measurement is the suprailliac (approximately one inch above the right hipbone, see figure 1). 

Step 2 While standing, firmly pinch the suprailliac skinfold between your left thumb and forefinger, see figures 2 and 3. Place the jaws of the Personal Body Fat Tester over the skinfold, while continuing to hold the skinfold with the left hand, see figure 4.

Step 3 Press with the thumb where indicated on the Personal Body Fat Tester until you feel a slight click. The slide member will automatically stop at the correct measurement, see figure 5. After reading your measurement, return the slide member to the far right starting position. Repeat three times and use the average as your measurement. Refer to the body fat interpretation chart to determine your body fat percentage and what it means.

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